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27th Jan 2021

After Dark 14: Nature vs Nurture: Breaking Generational Curses with Donna Barnes

Does negative behavior run in your family? Are you the curse breaker? How much of your behavior is nurture vs nature?

Friend of the show, Donna Barnes joins the conversation about generational curses. How much does how you are raised play a part in who you become? Maybe a lot or maybe a little.

We also discuss how society judges children who come from certain environments. Valencia shares how being a control freak probably saved her from a lot of harmful behavior. Being raised in the same environment doesn't make people the same. Motivation and mentality may be the change maker in the life of most people.

Join the conversation to learn how you can change the direction of generational curses.

Key Topics and Things Mentioned:

  • What exactly is a generational curse
  • Environment vs DNA: who wins
  • How to rise when you are different

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