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3rd Mar 2020

DUR 242| Writing To Heal with Juanita, Deborah and Angela (Author Special)

Writing To Heal with Juanita Walters, Deborah Ivey and Angela Cole Claiborne
(Author Special)

Show Summary
A special release episode with three of the contributing authors of the NEWLY RELEASED BOOK I Told The Storm (Compiled By LaTonya Smiley). The authors share their storm experiences in a transparent way, why they felt it was time to tell the story and more!

About The Guest

Juanita Walters (juanita_walters@yahoo.com
)-A loving and devoted mother of 2 wonderful boys. Minister of God's word, poet, author, educator,  School Building leadership student, and mentor.

Deborah Ivey (mrsivey@hotmail.com
)- wife, mother , grandmother and a US Army retiree. Co-author of 4 books.

Angela Cole Claiborne (angelacclaiborne@gmail.com) -A certified Christian Life Coach and HIScoach with a passion to help others reveal the truth about themselves and be comfortable with who God created them to be. Through her coaching, she gives practical strategies based on God's word to  help clients get from where they are to where they want to be. 

I Told The Storm (Compiled By LaTonya Smiley)

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